The Good Life

12 July - 18 August 2019

New York, NY, July 12th, 2019- Blackbird Gallery is pleased to announce Eitan & Hrair: The Good Life opening on Friday July 12th, 2019, at 219 W. 16th in New York. The exhibition will feature two local contemporary painters. The exhibition will open on Friday, July 12th and run through Sunday, August 18th, 2019 and will feature paintings by the artists in tandem. The reception will be on Thursday August 1st from 6-9.


Eitan creates complex paintings using lively colors that are layered and subtly textured. They contain uncompromising elements, abstraction and representation, with exquisite tension and spontaneous, well-balanced compositions.

Hrair's work is defined by the use of a bold and vibrant palette of color, the common theme behind his work is the exploration of the hidden souls found behind society's masks, a reflection on the corporate rat race, the long corridor of closed doors, and the dread of expectation, scratching the surface to glimpse the emotion within. 


For more information about the exhibition or the featured artists, please visit us at  www.Blackbird.Gallery

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