Embodiments: A solo exhibition of AI sculptures and robot drawings by Ben Snell

13 February - 10 March 2020


Blackbird Gallery is pleased to announce Embodiments: A solo exhibition featuring the work of Ben Snell. Embodiments will showcase the artists

AI sculptures and robot drawings. The exhibition will be on view to the public on

Thursday, February 13th, 2020, at 219 W. 16th in New York. The exhibition will run through Tuesday, March 10th, 2020. The reception for this exhibition will be by invitation only and you must RSVP to attend.

As an artist Ben Snell listens to a machine's soliloquies. The faintness of these

murmurings leads most to believe they do not exist. And yet, beneath the cold skins of a robot or case of a computer lies a richness, a vitality, a life-a voice whispering so quietly you might mistake it as silence, or worse yet, as noise.

Ben Snell asks what it means to be born from code.

Snell amplifies the inner dialogue of the machine-its conversations with body, space and material. Working across two competing modes of thought: creation and automation, he proposes a humanistic approach to technology. In contrast to the usual coolness and passivity of the machine, Snell's work suggests of it an underlying animacy and agency.

Together for the first time, these two bodies of work-AI sculptures from the Inheritance series and robotic fingerprints from the G53 series-reveal the inner conflict and character of every machine. Each computer, endowed the same knowledge, evolves a unique perspective and final form. Each robot draws the same spiral, but expresses itself differently, revealing its innermost idiosyncrasies. 

These works share a common digital fabric, yet remain intimately physical, exuding a warmth and characterful all their own. Snell's work remains tangible to remain accessible, to place materiality in conversation with computation.