Molly Goldfarb

Molly Goldfarb is an NYC-based independent studio artist working primarily in custom-shaped acrylic and limited edition digital paintings. Her pop-meets-punk aesthetic takes shape in a wide range of  subject matter, ranging from abstract portraiture, to pop-objects, to imagined "scenes" placed against the backdrop of the contemporary United States. Molly's work is tied together by a distinct, vibrant color pallet and flattened style that bring the many visual inspirations she collects "on the road" into a singular visual plane and dialogue, creating a combinative, vibrant "world" in and of itself. Over the course of her first five years as a professional artist, Molly's work has been exhibited in a variety of fairs such as the LA Art Show, Satellite Art Show and, most recently, both Pulse Miami and Aqua Art Miami 2019.