This suite of photographs looks at research of sleep and sleep rhythms. The rupture of balance and equilibrium in sleep and wake patterns, and the disturbances that define the delicate nature of sleep in modern societies.

A specific range of blue in light, the peaks of melanopsin (a colorless light sensitivity that helps regulate circadian rhythms for even the blind), and the distribution of sleep-need versus sleep-urge is materialized in patterns of pure pigments.

Ingrid Roe's works look at conditional realities and power dynamics in political and social realms. In her approach she rejects grand statements and instead looks at the details that can allow for new perspectives on any given reality.

Ingrid's media has included light works, photography, watercolor & video.

She holds an MFA in photography and a BFA in studio arts from Hunter College,

AAS in studio arts from FIT, and completed an apprenticeship as a

Layout designer in Germany.

Roe teaches at the School of Visual Arts and lives in New York.