Abby Goodman

A metallurgist from the age of twelve, Abby grew up in an old barn in the outskirts of Philadelphia.  A nomadic nature drives her to work and study alongside masters around the globe, collecting knowledge in exchange for labor.  These experiential travels forge the basis of Goodman's work.  Sculpture, painting, installation, and performance all contribute to her autobiographical pastiche.  Abby lives and works in Brooklyn.

Featured in the Grand Opening exhibition at Blackbird were  new works from Goodman's most recent series of paintings on paper. Exploring the psychological intersection between man and nature, Beneath The Surface merges botanical imagery together on layers of Mylar vellum, forming abstract portraits of black and white ink washes, with silkscreen and hand painted graphics. The translucent vellum creates a cloudy effect where overlap occurs, evoking a dream-like memory.  Contrary to these darker, moodier pieces, are the vibrant floral bouquets from Goodman's Bodega Flowers series. Brightly painted paper is hand torn, and arranged into large-scale floral compositions, presented in hand screened iconic flower paper wrap with customized messages. The ripping technique provides a heavily textured surface and gives the flowers an edgy feel, much like the urban environment from which they are inspired.