Brandon Thomas Brown

Brandon Thomas Brown is a visual artist working in photography. Brown captures moments with black and brown individuals allowing them to articulate their bodies in a performative way His depictions of black and brown people challenge hegemonic narratives by having his subjects posed in ways that invoke the past as the product of lived memory. By highlighting the subject's scarring or bone structure by creating stark and harsh contrasts through lighting, his black and white photography place what many see as blemishes in the work's forefront. His photographs employ settings, poses, and props that create a surreal atmosphere out of the everyday, inviting the viewer to journey beyond the world's surface to see what goes unnoticed. Through the lens of what Deborah Willis describes in Posing Beauty as the interplay between self-representation and imposed representation, his works stage a wider investigation of contemporary authenticity and the modern representation of "Black Beauty," creating intimate moments that recall personal history, although one staged in mystic abstraction. In his photographs, history is something as much enacted in the present moment as it is recalled.