Blackbird Gallery Chelsea New York City

  • Xanthippe



    Currently on view from Thursday, January 9th, through February 9th, 2020.

    Xanthippe Tsalimi is a New York based artist, born and raised in Athens, Greece. Xanthippe's artwork primarily consists of oil paintings, of different scales and formats. Her work is an amalgam of environmental and atmospheric abstracts. Her paintings depict both imaginary realms and real places. Her images evoke moods, ranging from tranquility and solace to turbulence and chaos. Her work is atypical of Mediterranean art; as it is timeless and reflective, human presence is strongly implied and yet void within the landscapes. An experience of places and emotions, much like a not so distant memory or of a time that may or might not have come to pass. The landscapes are neither vacant nor desolate, but rather strong in sentiment and very much alive in their moment.


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  • Embodiments


    A solo exhibition of AI sculptures and robot drawings by Ben Snell

    Blackbird Gallery is pleased to announce Embodiments, a solo exhibition featuring the work of Ben Snell. The exhibition will feature Snell's AI sculptures and robot drawings from Thursday, February 13th, 2020 through  March 10th, 2020. Ben Snell is a New York based artist who listens to the inner dialogues of machines. Using contemporary techniques and traditional motifs, he navigates the space between creation and automation, suggesting a humanist approach to technology. Exploring what it means to be born from code, he creates drawings, images and sculptures embodied with the voice and vitality of machines.