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  • Oh What Fun!

    Oh What Fun!


    Blackbird Gallery is pleased to announce Wrapped Up in Winter. Wrapped Up in Winter will showcase 25+artists. All work will be priced at $2500 and below. The exhibition will be on view from Friday, November 22nd through Tuesday, December 31st, 2019.

    There will be no opening reception for this exhibition.25 artists will be on display for our first annual holiday exhibition featuring: photographs, paintings, prints, drawings, collage, assemblage, ceramics, mixed media, and more.

    Wrapped Up in Winter features recent work from the following artists:

    Peter Roberts, Dustin Joyce, Colleen Cunningham, Kate Fauvell, Xanthippe Tsalimi, Ken Goshen, Shira Toren, John Boone, Rachael Wren, Molly Goldfarb, Eva Rendamonti, Méïr Srebriansky, Sandra Attales, Christina McCabe, Joseph Kaminski, Mani, Ingrid Roe, Rebecca Loyche, Abby Goodman, Roycer, Amanda Kelly, Jacob Hicks, Christina Massey, George Goodridge, Benjamin Saulnier, and a few surprise guests!

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